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Hello and happy Sunday friends! I am SO excited to share today’s blog post with you about my first ever New York Fashion Week, along with some tips on what to wear to fashion week.
I was fortune enough to be invited to the Nolcha show. Nolcha is an independent designer show. The designer featured in the show I attended was W.Reflex, his collection was amazing! All of the pieces were very vibrant, youthful and trendy. 
Here are some tips on what to wear to NYFW:

1. Think fall, but dress for summer

Being that NYFW is in early September, you’ll want to wear lighter pieces with a fall touch to them. For example: a dress with a jacket “blogger  draped” around your shoulders. 

2. Shoes: COMFORT!

I can not emphasize this enough! You’ll be doing a TON of walking. If you want to wear heels, I highly suggest bringing a pair of flats/walking shoes. Flat booties/boots, or trendy sneakers are a great way to go also. 

3. Be bold!

Fashion Week is the time to be bold, so wear that trend that you’ve been too afraid to try! The street fashion is probably one of the most amazing parts of fashion week, so take a fashion risk or get outside your comfort zone!
I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend NYFW, and I can’t wait to take what I learned to NYFW in February!

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