One Year Blogiversary

You guys, I cannot believe today has officially been one year since I launched! First off, I wanted to thank all of you who have been following me over the year, all of your support really does mean the world to me!

I wanted to answer some questions along with what I have learned during my first year of blogging. There have been a lot of ups and downs, and I still have a ton of learning to do, but I want to share anything I can with you all!

Why I Started My Blog

Here’s a little background story of why I started this blog

Rewind to about a year ago: I was working at a job that I hated after being in and out of college for most of my early twenties. I still had no idea of what I wanted to do, but I did know that I needed something with a creative outlet. I have had a love for fashion for as long as I could remember but couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it. I started seeing a ton of fashion bloggers on Instagram and it inspired me so much. I thought about starting one for months before I actually worked up the courage to do it, it takes a lot to put yourself out there. So with that, I launched my blog and haven’t looked back since!

Here is some Q&A for questions I received about blogging:

Q: How do you stay organized?

A: It’s definitely not easy, especially since I work a full time job along with managing my blog. When you’re running any type of online business of your own you literally need to schedule your own hours! I plan most of my shoots/time writing blog posts on my days off or before or after work. I basically never stop!

Q: How do you grow a following?

A: First, let me start by saying that you should NEVER buy followers! It may seem like a good idea to get going but brands can always tell when your following isn’t authentic, and so will your real followers. My advice? Just stay true to your content and who are you are! Be yourself, engage with other bloggers, and the rest will come naturally.

Q: What’s your favorite part about blogging?

A: For me, my biggest reward in all of this is knowing I inspired someone on how to style something, outfit inspiration, or just that someone took away a piece of advice from someone I wrote. I’ve also met some really great people through blogging!

Q: How do you decide what brands to work with?

A: Before agreeing to work with a brand, I always research the brand and make sure it’s something that interests me and speaks to my blog. I’ve had some really great partnerships over the year and I can’t wait to see what partnerships I build going forward!

Q: What’s your biggest piece of advice for blogging?

A: Be YOU! It’s hard to not play the comparison game, “I wish I lived there, I wish I had that bag etc”. In a field that is over saturated there is always room for someone being their unique self. Always remember there will always be people that can relate to you!

I sincerely hope you guys have enjoyed following along with me over the past year! What type of posts do you want to see from me this year? Let me know in the comments!!

Xx Bridget

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