Bridget Bee is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by Bridget Borghard. Through this blog, we hope to inspire you in fashion, beauty and all aspects of life.

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Bridget Borghard and I am a fashion and style enthusiast! I have had a love for all things fashion ever since I could remember, and I hope you follow along with all of my outfits that I share with you, along with where to buy each piece.

Here are some questions that I am frequently asked:

Where are you from?
New Jersey

How tall are you?

Who does your hair?
I get my hair done at Milagro Spa in Manasquan, my stylist’s name is Shannon.

What are some of your favorite brands/places to shop?
Nordstrom, Madewell, J.Crew, Topshop, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, ASOS, Nordstrom Rack, Shopbop and Revolve

What do you do for fun?
I live ten minutes away from the beach so I spend most of my summer there! I also love to shop and spend time with my little family(my boyfriend Kyle and my french bulldog, Chloe!).

Who takes your pictures?
Some of my pictures are either taken by Kyle or my mom, and I use a Canon Rebel T6. The rest are taken by Lauren Anderson, you can check out her amazing work here Lauren Ashley Photography